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Video Overlay

We offer Video Overlay within our scoreboard.

It’s pretty simple to set up and make work.

  1. Open up the Scoreboard
  2. It’s best to start a new game or load a game before launching the overlay.
  3. Click on the button Stats and Video at the top right.
  4. Once opened, we offer two overlay types.
  5. 4x3 is for the square television screens.
  6. 16x9 is used for Widescreen video.
  7. Go ahead, click on the links and you now have a green screen for your video.

Once you have that green screen, your video people should know what to do. They will create a Chroma Key within their video software to make it work with the video.

One a side note: RDNation offers live streaming services if you want to bring live streaming to your venue, bout and tournaments. Our streaming is FULL HD Quality, and we store it on our servers forever which we can also upload to YouTube or any other major site if you desire. Please contact us at if you’re interested. Prices are highly negotiable due to some budgets of some leagues.

Video Overlay Upgrades

We have made a large amount of upgrades to the overlay and can be seen on the following link with screen shots.

Video Overlay Upgrades - We have made some BIG improvements to the video overlay screen. As you can see below, it now has its own tab. But you can make changes based on colors, logos, team names. We now give you the ability to almost fully control the video overlay for your games. We are still working on this feature and will have a much more advanced screen in the coming weeks, but this should get each league up and running quickly. Based on the features changed within the overlay screen, you can pretty much manipulate almost any part of the overlay. It will take some small amount of getting used to, but it’s highly capable of manipulating almost any feature of the overlay.

Changing team colors is as easy as pressing the color button and changing the color of each team.

After we set the color blue, we just click on the link to the overlay we want and then it will show up the way we want. Below shows you how much can be changed, totally manipulating one teams colors.

Pay attention to the logo, as we can also turn it off with the Video Overlay window.

Last updated: 4 years ago

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